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What an Event

Aug 30, 2019

In the weekend of 30 May to the 2 June, 2008, a Tribute was held to honour the New Zealand veterans of the Vietnam war.

But why did the government decide to have this tribute? Several decades after the war had ended? And how did different groups feel about it?

Join host Ian Fulguirinas as we look into the Tribute,...

Jul 6, 2019

1618, Prague, Bohemia (Holy Roman Empire).

Three men thrown out of a window. But who were they? Why were they thrown out of the window? Who did it? Was this the first time something like this had happened in Prague?

Join me, Ian Fulguirinas, as we delve into this event, which kicked off one of the most consequential...

May 12, 2019

It's May 12, 1971. Some soldiers, returning home from Vietnam, have a parade thrown for them. But there are protests as well.


Today, we'll dive into the parade, and the protests, and figure out what it all means. Why was there a parade? Why were there protests? What does it even matter now? All this and more,...